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The Michelin Anakee Wild Dual Sport Tyre is a game changer for the larger, high powered adventure bikes. An off-road version of the popular Anakee III, the Michelin Anakee Wild gives you 50% on and 50% off-road use and better overall handing/traction on off-road terrain. This tyre is ideal for adventure riders that like to take their bikes to Cape York, down fire roads, and trails etc. Get off the beaten trail with the Michelin Anakee Wild Dual Sport Tyre.

Michelin Anakee Wild Dual Sport Tyre Features:

•Stability and comfort - Stability and comfort on the road thanks to radial technology available for the first time on a knobbly tyre

• Handling - On/Off traction, handling, and precise steering thanks to an innovative tread pattern

•Longevity - Excellent longevity and resistance against heating and aggression thanks to its optimized tread pattern’s depth and new tread compound

•Resistance - Resistance to damage and high temperatures thanks to optimized tread depth and new compounds

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