Log Book Servicing

At Sydney Performance Motorcycles, we understand how much  your bike means to you. That's why we treat it as if it your our own! We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and making sure everything is perfect and safe.

So when it comes to servicing your bike, we promise to take great care of it! With a range of diagnostic scanners to suit most current models, we can thoroughly service your motorcycle including reset the service lights on BMW, Ducati, Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki's.

Basic Service:

This service should be considered a yearly service or in-between minor services. In comprises of the simple basics to keep you safely on the road. During this service we will, change the oil and filter, adjust and lube the chain, check throttle operation, check clutch adjustment, check and adjust tyre pressures. In addition to this, we will also visually check the suspension brakes and tyres.

Minor Service:

The minor service is a little more work. In addition to everything in the Basic Service, we will also remove the air filter and clean/replace, clean the chain, lube levers and pivot points, check engine bolts, check front end pinch bolts. Most motorcycle manufacturers will recommend this at either at either 6000km or 10000km. In addition to this, we also stamp the service log book.

Major Service:

The Major service, sometimes called an extensive service is very thorough. In addition to everything in the Minor service, we will also check and adjust the valve clearences, change coolant, change brake fluid and bleed brakes. This is often recommended at 24000km or sometimes 40000km depending on the manufacturer. On most modern sports bike this is a full day service. 

Dirtbike Service:

These days, modern motocross and enduro motorcycles are sophisticated machines packed with technology. And as such, require regular and thorough servicing. During the dirtbike service we; change the oil and filters, check and adjust valve clearances, change spark plug, clean and re-oil air filter, lube levers and pivot points, lube clutch cable, lube grease nipples if fitted, check and tighten spokes, check wheel bearings, check tyres, clean and adjust and lube chain, check brakes, tighten pinch bolts and check engine mount bolts. This type of service also applies to quad and ATV motorcycles.

Scooter Service:

Scooter servicing is much like minor and major motorcycle servicing. The service that is required will depend on whether you scooter is a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. They will also require the engine belt and rollers to be replaced periodically depending on kilometers and time frame. 

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