Metzeler MC360 Mid Soft




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Metzeler MC360 Mid Soft Motorcycle Tyres

The tread pattern of Metzeler MC 360™ MID SOFT is designed to provide great traction on soft and mid-soft terrains.
The front tyre has 5 rows of knobs longitudinally aligned with the ones on the shoulders. 
Front center knobs are very wide, alternately different-sized and characterized by curved shape maximizing maneuverability, carving and then traction on soft terrains, support and directionality. They are also alternately divided in 2 and 3 sections to maximize comfort by balancing the overall stiffness.
On the shoulders, the diamond-shaped knobs ensure contemporarily carving efficiency on soft terrains and great durability; the wide voids between the knobs ensure self-cleaning from mud and dirt.
Rear tyres have 3 rows of knobs, the center and the shoulder ones.
Rear center knobs are alternately divided in 2 and 3 sections whose double function is to maximize comfort and to enhance the performance when both entering and exiting turns. 
Diamond-shaped shoulder knobs couple with the lateral cut sections of center knobs to ensure grip at any lean angle.