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For the experienced motocross rider or occasional rider riding motocross for fun, Michelin StarCross 5 is the high performance motocross tyre designed to allow you to face any terrain.

  • Stronger, higher density casing materials reduce weight up to 10%
  • Reduced unsprung mass reduces the rotational inertia for improved acceleration, braking and steering control
  • Lateral rigidity is maintained by using two, more densely constructed polyester plies, providing increased sidewall strength, which reduces the likelihood of pinch flats
  • Enhanced tread designs with more aggressive sculptures and variable tread block height maintain traction straight up and at varying lean angles
  • The casing absorbs square edges and braking bumps better and minimizes tyre rebound, which helps reduce arm pump and rider fatigue
  • Fine lines found at the base of the tread blocks are designed to release mud and debris as the casing flexes to maximum traction
  • Mud phobic bars between the central blocks on the Michelin soft rear maximize the cleaning capability and improve lateral grip in softer terrain
  • Bead profile makes tyre easier to install
  • This motocross motorcycle tyre is tube type
  • This motocross tyre is M rated for speeds up to 130 KPH
  • More versatile and effective in a wider range of terrains and conditions

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Available in the following motorcycle tyre sizes: 120/80-19, 110/90-19, 100/90-19, 110/100-18,100/100/18 and 120/90-18