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Michelin has taken the performance of its Sport Radial tyre range to an even higher level with the new MICHELIN ROAD 5. This exciting newcomer is poised to succeed from new tyre comes from the DNA of the MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4 which itself emerged as the European Sport Touring tyre market’s undisputed benchmark, with sales in excess of 1.5 million tyres since its launch four years ago.

And it continues to deliver high performance in wet conditions throughout its life*, since the MICHELIN ROAD 5 stops as short under braking with more than 5000 kilometres on the clock as new MICHELIN Pilot ROAD 4s**! In addition to these improvements, the MICHELIN ROAD 5 combines optimal grip on dry roads, superior stability compared with its main rivals and outstanding road manners***, a key consideration for owners of Sport Touring motorcycles.


MICHELIN ROAD 5 tyre: superior wet-weather grip compared to its five main rivals 

The combination of three technologies helped the MICHELIN ROAD 5 to deliver the best wet-weather grip in a recent in-house comparison with the new tyre’s five main rivals*.

To achieve this level of performance, the MICHELIN ROAD 5 benefits from:

  1. Latest-generation rubber compounds

  2. Dual-compound technology (MICHELIN 2CT and MICHELIN 2CT+ Technology)

  3. A siped tread pattern


Even after 5000 kilometres, the MICHELIN ROAD 5 stops as short under braking in the wet as a new MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4**

Unsurprisingly, motorcyclists demand strong braking performance. To address this concern, MICHELIN takes the stopping power of its Sport Touring tyres on wet roads a step further by ensuring that their braking ability endures with time. Indeed, with 5000 kilometres on the clock, part-worn MICHELIN ROAD 5s stop as short as new MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4s.

To obtain this degree of performance, MICHELIN has taken the MICHELIN XST X sipe technology it has also developed for road cars a step further thanks to MICHELIN XST Evo technology which features a combination of sipes and reservoirs designed to slice through surface water and improve the tyre’s water-clearance capacity. With wear, MICHELIN XST Evo technology’s evolutionary sipes reveal wider grooves to increase the tyre’s sea-to-land ratio and thereby maintain its ability to clear water.


Impeccable dry-weather grip, stability and agility for even greater riding enjoyment

In addition to optimising wet-weather grip, the MICHELIN ROAD 5 ensures outstanding grip on dry roads and superior stability compared with its main rivals, as well as enhanced road manners***, again thanks to a combination of technologies:

  • Its dry-weather grip performance is essentially due to the latest-generation rubber compounds it uses

  • MICHELIN ACT+, a revolutionary casing construction that enables the MICHELIN ROAD 5 to deliver superior straight-line and cornering stability compared with its main rivals, as well as outstanding handling***

MICHELIN makes a point of ensuring the delivery of consistent performance over time. As a consequence, and thanks to the different technologies they feature, the tyres that make up its new Sport Touring range continue to provide high performance as they wear. The end-benefit of this exacting approach for motorcyclists is greater safety, confidence and riding enjoyment.